Wines of Sicily and Sardinia

Sicily: A major share of Sicily’s DOC production is represented by Marsala, a sweet wine originated by English merchants two centuries ago. Marsala, Sicily’s proudest wine has enjoyed a comeback in recent years among connoisseurs, who favor the dry Vergine and Superiore Riserva, with the warmly complex flavors that rank them with the finest fortified wines of Europe.

The other DOC wine made in quantity is the pale white, bone dry Bianco D’Alcamo. Moscato di Pantelleria, from the remote isle off the coast of Tunisia, is among the richest and most esteemed of Italian sweet wines in the Naturale and Passito Extra versions. Malvasia delle Lipari, from the volcanic Aeolian isles, is a dessert wine as exquisite as it is rare.

The dry white and red wines of Etna, whose vine adorn the lower slopes...

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Wines of North East Italy

 Auronzo Dolomites

Veneto Region has many great wines both reds and whites. Venice’s Region has solidified its position as Italy’s largest producer and exporter, as well as the leader in volume of classified wines. Verona region produces the well-known trio of Soave, Bardolino and Valpolicella, plus the very popular bubbly of Prosecco. Since DOC/DOCG represent a third of production. Veneto also produces and exports a good quantity of IGT wines, often at modest prices.

Veneto has three main area of production of premium wines: the Western province of Verona in the hills near Lake Garda and the town of Soave; the Central hills in the province of Vicenza, Padova and Treviso; the Eastern plains of the piave and Tagliamento river basin along the Adriatic coast northeast of Venice...

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Recent Wine Tasting

On May 9th, 2013, I had the opportunity to meet several Wine Producers from region Trentino in the Uppermost North-Western Region of Italy bordering Austria. The event took place at the Astor Center, Downtown, West Village, New York  City.

I was impressed with the quality of denomination TrentoDoc “Sparkling Wines”, made with  “Metodo Classico” (Classic Method), with fermentation in the Bottle.

I met several Managers of local Wineries (Azienda Agricola) where they produce fine wines without chemicals, therefore these are ‘ Organic’.

I was especially impressed by the ‘Spumante’ wine produced by Azienta Agricola  MASO MARTIS of Martignano, Trento. They had six TrentoDoc to choose from. Mostly ‘Brut’ (Dry), but not too dry...

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DrGrayBeard !

Hello there !

This is my blog about Italian wines and Cuisine .

 I’m Daniele Matteo, Blogger/Wine Broker and this is my humble effort at blogging.  I am a kind of self proclaimed connoisseur of Italian wines. I am Bilingual: Italian/Spanish-English. I love ‘ la Cucina Mediterranea ‘ and Italian Wines. I love to cook, so a page has been dedicated to simple recipes of Italy. I enjoy the company of good old friends and I love The Beatles, Saturday-nite-fever, The Bee-Gees etc. Salute !

I love writing about Italian wines from different wine producing regions of Italy. In this blog, I will be writing about various kinds of Italian wines, grapes and  some methods used to make such great and fantastic wines.

I have been thinking about a website dedicated mainly to the great Italian Wines...

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